Hollinwell – Dress Code

On the Course

Conventional golf wear is required. Shirts should be tucked in and shorts, if worn, should be tailored and worn with knee length socks or predominantly white ankle length sports socks. ‘Trainer’ style short socks are strictly forbidden.

Should you happen to arrive without the appropriate apparel, the Professional Shop carries a full stock of appropriate golfing attire to resolve this issue. Failure to comply with the Club Rules will give the staff will no alternative but to ask you to leave the course.


All golfers are expected to comply with the Clubs general policies that apply  are widely known throughout the golfing world:

Speed of play always remains a thorny issue in modern golf. Please attempt to keep up with the game ahead, and if you fall behind, please make suitable efforts to pick up the pace of play to close this gap. If there is a faster moving group behind, and space, ahead please do let this group through.

Please make the effort to repair all pitch marks correctly. Except after rain, Notts greens will be quite firm so the mark may not be fully apparent; please try to locate and repair accordingly.

Please rake all bunkers and leave them in a condition you would hope to play from.

Please replace all divots.

Dogs are not permitted on any part of the Club’s property.

Notts 8 point guide maintaining the correct pace of play:

When errant, watch the ball very carefully identifying a reference for line to assist with the search process.

When errant, take a provisional ball, in case the search is unsuccessful.

Walk at a good pace between shots.

Be ready to play when it’s your turn

Line up putts in advance of your turn when possible (without, of course, distracting playing partners) Leave golf bags around the green in the correct place to move to the next tee, never at the front of a green.

Mark scorecards without undue delay

If unable to score in a stableford event, please pick up your ball.

In the Club House

Notts Golf Club requests members and visitors alike not to enter the clubhouse without appropriate footwear, or wearing hats/caps and waterproof suits.

A Spike Bar and Terrace Bar are available in which golf wear may be worn, Casual dress including shorts (shorts with knee length socks or ankle length, predominantly white sports socks), may be worn in the downstairs bars with the appropriate footwear (training shoes are not permitted).

A Jacket, shirt and tie/craveat, or roll neck shirt must be worn at all times in the Dining Room.