Sherwood Forest – Dress Code

Dress Code – Clubhouse

Smart casual dress is acceptable at all times, in all areas of the clubhouse.

Smart tailored shorts may be worn. However combat/cargo type shorts are not acceptable.

Clean footwear must be worn at all times (no spikes or cleats).

No headgear (unless required by religion) may be warn in the Clubhouse.

The wearing of soiled/wet clothes or waterproofs is not permitted in the bat or lounge areas.

Members and guests of members, under 18 years of age may wear clean, smart jeans and trainers up to 2000 hours in the Clubhouse.

Denim jeans are not acceptable, although exceptions may be made for occasional social functions.

Dress Code – Course

Smart recognized golf attire will be accepted at all times.

Smart golf shorts must be accompanied by the wearing of socks. White ankle/trainer/sport socks are acceptable for both ladies and gentlemen.

Trousers must not be tucked into socks, except when wearing waterproofs over trousers.

Shirts should be warn inside trousers/shorts unless designed and shaped to be worn outside.

Golf shoes must be worn by players at all times.

Golf headgear must be worn correctly, with the peak to the front.

Soft Spikes

Players must wear conventional golf shoes on the course at all times. We recommend a “soft spike ” shoe policy from 1st April – 31st October.

Spectators may wear suitable flat shoes on the course but not training shoes.


The following attire is NOT permitted in the Clubhouse or on the Course.

Any form of denim (with the exceptions as detailed above), T-shirts, vest tops, trainers, walking shoes, track or leisure suits, beach or combat shorts and plastic beach flip-flops.

Mobile Phones/Tablets

All devices must be on silent at all times. The making and receiving of calls in the bar/lounge areas is not permitted.

Mobile phones may be used on the course in emergency situations only.

Lightning Policy

a. For play in all Club Competitions and Open Events organised by the Club:

A klaxon will be sounded three times when lightning is detected within a 3 to 8 mile radius of the Clubhouse.

Players must immediately discontinue play, mark their ball and take whatever action they consider most appropriate to ensure their safety.

When no lightning has been detected within 3 to 8 miles for 15 minutes the klaxon will be sounded twice, indicating that play can be resumed.

b. During General Play

The Klaxon will be sounded as above to advise players that lightning has been detected within 3 to 8 miles of the Clubhouse. Players should then take whatever action they consider necessary to ensure their safety.

c. Members and Visitors are also reminded that under Rule 6-8(ii) a player may discontinue play when he or she believes there is danger from lightning.

Players should note that there are a number of Lightening Shelters strategically placed around the course for their safety.